Ambitious action plan for skills

Creating a mechanism to deliver cultural and behavioural change in the local skills system is central to our Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP), published in August following approval from the Secretary of State for Education. 

The report and accompanying action plan outlines key priorities for the local area to help reshape the technical skills system to better meet the needs of employers and the wider economy. 

The LSIP identifies four key priorities for the area: improving information, advice and guidance; facilitating responsive and inclusive curricula; coordinating networks and collaboration; and building dynamic relationships between businesses and providers. 

One thing we all agree on is that we need the involvement of employers to make sure we are delivering to meet their needs. Surrey Chambers is proud to be leading a project to help facilitate this engagement with employers and we will be urging them to be part of the drive to create a truly responsive, local skills system.

Meanwhile in Westminster…..

Our national network of Chambers has created an action plan to present to all political parties. We are calling for urgent action from politicians to stimulate economic growth across the UK. 

Among the key asks are better planning for business so that firms are not squeezed out of towns and cities; introduction of flexibility in the apprenticeship levy to support everyone in the workplace; strengthened UK-EU cooperation to increase bi-lateral investment levels; and dramatic energy grid upgrades to ensure there is sufficient network capacity to meet modern needs. 

Action on these key issues will make a significant difference for the tens of thousands of businesses we represent. The economy thrives when businesses and politicians work in partnership. British firms need action, certainty and clarity from politicians – now more than ever.

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