Discovery Park partners with CCCU to open coworking space for early-stage life science businesses

Discovery Park has opened the doors to CoLab, a new shared lab facility launched in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU).

CoLab has been specially designed for early-stage life science businesses, providing flexible bench space in a collaborative coworking environment.

Dr Cornelia Wilson, senior lecturer and academic laboratory director at Canterbury Christ Church University, said: “Finding lab space is too often a blocker for promising life science spinouts and startups, and CoLab exists to solve this.

“This specialist lab offers flexible and cost-effective space in a collaborative environment, with a dedicated lab technician onsite to provide expert advice and remove the stress of lab management.” 

The three first tenants that have moved into CoLab are:

  • RS & RS Scientific, which is focused on new innovative molecular strategies in the field of cancer research, aiming to improve understanding and manipulation of complex tumours to pave the way for more effective and personalised cancer therapies.
  • BioFlares, a specialist in bioluminescence imaging tools and solutions to allow complex genetic information to be viewed using bright molecules, with applications in cancer research, gene therapy and stem cell research.
  • Phlow, a startup revolutionising menstrual hygiene management with a biodegradable, non-plastic flushable period pad, using cellulose.

CoLab tenants benefit from being located at Discovery Park, a thriving life science community with an on-site Barclays Eagle Lab, giving access to free business mentoring and investor connections. Discovery Park also has an onsite innovation team and its own investment fund, Discovery Park Ventures.

Reza Salimi, co-founder at CoLab tenant RS & RS Scientific, said: “We’re excited to join the thriving life science and tech hub of Discovery Park. Being based at the CoLab provides us with invaluable opportunities for collaboration and business support.

“The Discovery Park team members are very supportive, enhancing our experience and helping us grow. The location in Kent also means we are close to both Europe and London, allowing us access to everything we need and to expand into future markets.”

Renos Savva, head of innovation at Discovery Park, added: “CoLab provides tailored space and resources for emerging life science businesses, but importantly also a network of like-minded innovators.

“This latest industry-academia partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University demonstrates how Discovery Park provides a community for visionary entrepreneurs and leaders, and the ideal environment for businesses to start, scale and succeed.”

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