Sussex-based Smart Monkey unveils new look to support future growth plans

Smart Monkey, an integrated digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO, digital PR and PPC for professional services, B2B, tech and SaaS, has revealed a new look as it heads towards an exciting milestone.

Marking the start of a new era for the agency as it aims to drive demand for B2B businesses in the UK and internationally, the rebrand comes just after it celebrated 18 years in business.

With a fresh new look, the brand embodies exactly what Smart Monkey is about – being a professional and expert-led agency for businesses that want to generate demand through digital marketing channels.

Smart Monkey founder Beth Nash said: “A rebrand has long been on the cards for us and it’s taken some time to get it right, but now we have, we couldn’t be happier.

“The new identity and website really showcase our professionalism and ethical approach to SEO, PPC and digital PR – something our clients know all too well, and we can’t wait to start seeing our new identity out in the wild!”

The agency has undergone a big transformation over the last four years. Now a remote-first agency with employees spread all over the UK, Smart Monkey has expanded to offer a dedicated digital PR service, alongside on-site and technical SEO and PPC, while leaning into its strengths in B2B.

Following a strong year where it has won numerous industry accolades for its work with clients, Smart Monkey has ambitious growth plans as it looks forward to celebrating 20 years in business, while continuing to deliver for clients across key B2B industries.

The Smart Monkey team worked with Whitespace, a specialist creative agency in Brighton on the design and website build while commissioning Mr Phil, a Brighton-based artist, to create bespoke illustrations that are carried through the website, social media and marketing collateral.

Beth added: “We really wanted our new brand to reflect the changing perception of the B2B industry; it’s not always corporate and boring – it’s a thriving, professional sector filled with experts in their field who want to be communicated with like people.

“Smart Monkey’s approach has always been professional but casual. We don’t use overly complicated language or corporate jargon and we pride ourselves on being clear and concise when talking to clients. Our new brand definitely reflects that.”

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