UK Growth Coach wins FSB ‘Micro Business of the Year’ award

Sussex-based specialist business coaching firm UK Growth Coach has recently been honoured with the title of ‘Micro Business of the Year’ for the South East by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

This accolade recognises not only the performance of the company but also the significant impact it has had on the success and prosperity of business owners throughout Sussex and the South East region.

According to the Office for National Statistics, 46% of businesses in the South East closed between 2017 and 2022, with the number of closures across the UK increasing year-on-year.

This level of business closure means there are missed opportunities for economic growth, in addition to the personal and financial suffering closing a business involves. Many business owners have the pressure of running, operating and growing a business without the training, education and support to do so, which leaves their businesses exposed.

UK Growth Coach’s purpose is to change this picture in the South East and across the UK, and the award win of ‘Micro Business of the Year’ for the South East recognises the firm’s own business growth, and how it has helped client business owners to do the same.

Tim Rylatt, managing director at UK Growth Coach, said: “The majority of business owners are not trained in how to manage, grow and run a business. This leads to challenges in areas such as business direction, strategy, team development, financial controls, sales, marketing, systemisation and more.

“Our coaches are focused on helping and guiding small and medium-sized business owners in the areas where support is most needed.

“The team are delighted to have been awarded this prestigious award as it reflects the success we’ve fuelled in other businesses and identifies the important impacts made in the lives of those business owners.

“One example of these impacts is that the business owner of an accountancy practice was able to reduce his working week from 85 hours to 45 hours, at the same time as increasing both turnover and profit.

“A second is where a construction business owner was able to increase the level of future work from just four weeks of projects to more than nine months of advance secured bookings. The future pipeline has a value of more than £600,000. These changed metrics have also led to the creation of six new jobs and a much-improved work-life balance for the business owner.

“This is why the award means so much to us. It is these types of statistics and outcomes that should be dominating the headlines – not those of business failure. With the right help, change is possible.”

In addition to its direct client work, UK Growth Coach hosted nearly 300 people during 2023 at business owner-focused seminars. These events are accessible to all and are just part of the efforts UK Growth Coach is making to reduce the high levels of business failure in the marketplace.

The next seminar will take place on Friday 3 May at Lingfield Park Marriott Hotel, East Grinstead, with Tim Rylatt from UK Growth Coach, Henry Laker from Growth by Design, Chris Irving from Curve Accountancy, Tony Baluch from Ashdown Solutions IT, and Bernie Knight from Regency Grove Communications all presenting.

There are a limited number of complimentary spaces available for Sussex-based business owners. More information can be found here. All proceeds from the event will be donated to Eastbourne charity, The Chaseley Trust. 

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