The Human First Collective officially launches

Reflect Digital CEO and founder Becky Simms and COO Paul Simms, based in Kent, have announced the launch of the Human First Collective, a collection of businesses “putting humans at the centre of their approach”.

Currently, the collective consists of Reflect Digital, a performance marketing agency that specialises in behavioural science, LAB, a technology and innovation agency dedicated to creating impactful digital experiences and Aspiration Digital, a digital skills conference designed to inspire and educate the next generation of digital leaders.

Together, the Human First Collective aims to prioritise a deep understanding of human behaviour in developing impactful strategies.

In an era dominated by technological advancements, the collective seeks to bridge the gap between technology and human needs, ensuring that technology serves human interests and values.

Speaking about the decision to establish this collective Becky said: “I am so thrilled and excited to finally be announcing the launch of Human First Collective.

“At the end of 2023, we had the opportunity to make a decision rooted in people, team members and clients to acquire LAB and integrate their team, contracts and brand into the Reflect Digital family.

“There was an element of risk, but the risk and cost to the people was too dear, in my opinion, to not find a solution. The solution was the Human First Collective – a collection of businesses that put humans first.

“This spans everything from a people-first culture across the businesses to putting clients at the forefront to ensuring that our client’s audiences are front and centre of our strategies.”

Becky adds: “Behavioural Science and understanding humans is the glue that holds us together to deliver impact that others can’t.

“In an age where everyone is looking to AI for the answers, we’re here to ensure humans are not left behind.

“Our human-first approach embraces technology but ensures this is wrapped within human-first processes.

The leadership team of LAB, now part of Human First Collective, includes Becky Simms as director, Sylvain Lourgouilloux as managing director, Steve Radjen as client services director and Mike Steer as technical director. 

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