Produced in Kent announces strategic partnership with Kent Food Hubs CIC

Produced in Kent, a dynamic community of local growers and artisan producers, has partnered with Kent Food Hubs CIC, an online sales platform for local sustainable artisan food and drink.

The heart of this partnership to champion the accessibility of fresh, locally sourced products lies in the seamless integration of Produced in Kent members into the Kent Food Hub network.

With a central hub strategically located in Folkestone, Kent Food Hubs CIC provides a streamlined platform for Produced in Kent members to showcase and sell their high-quality goods.

The collaboration opens up new avenues for local producers to connect with a broader audience and become an integral part of the shopping habits of local residents.

Beckie Alves, co-director at Kent Food Hubs CIC, said: “We are excited to strengthen our ties with Produced in Kent and enhance the reach of local produce through Kent Food Hubs. 

“This partnership aligns with our mission to make locally sourced food more accessible to the community and supports the incredible efforts of local growers and artisans.”

Floortje Hoette, CEO at Produced in Kent, added: “It is the strategic aim of Produced in Kent to steer consumers to buying more ‘local’ and pave the way to a commercially viable local trading infrastructure, and a partnership with Kent Food Hubs is a logical outcome of that aim. 

“We like how Kent Food Hubs is committed to achieving a fair price for the producer and consumer whilst maintaining a high-quality offer of local product, and we are very keen to support them in extending their network across Kent and Medway.”

Floortje Hoette

The Folkestone hub offers a convenient online ordering system, providing customers with an effortless way to access a diverse range of fresh, seasonal products.

Produced in Kent members can look forward to the many benefits that come with this partnership, including expanded market reach, increased visibility, and a stronger connection with consumers seeking quality, locally sourced options.

As both organisations unite their strengths, Kent Food Hubs CIC and Produced in Kent are poised to elevate the local food scene, making it a cornerstone of daily life for residents in Folkestone and beyond.

The partnership exemplifies a shared commitment to promoting community wellbeing, supporting local businesses and fostering a sustainable future.

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