Surrey-based RJ Advocacy launches to support those in need of adult social care

RJ Advocacy, based in Surrey, has launched with the aim of providing essential support to those who are struggling with the UK Care System.

The complexities of the care system can be overwhelming for many, and there’s a real need for advice and support – particularly for those who are vulnerable.

Local authorities received 1.37 million requests for support in the last two years from those in later life, and only 43% of those have since received some form of service. This year, an estimated 1.6 million people aged 65+ have unmet needs for care and support and it’s an issue that’s only getting worse.

Director Richard Johnson has created RJ Advocacy to start to make a change. His personal experience of supporting his father through dementia after his stepmother passed away, inspired his decision to launch a business that could make a difference and offer real support to those in need of his services.

Richard said: “I started RJ Advocacy to help people with navigating the care system and to ensure that their healthcare needs are being met, whatever they may be.

“Having dealt personally with the current care system and the way it works, I wanted to provide a level of support that’s tailored to individual needs, because every circumstance is different.

“From assistance with disputes relating to the social care system or the NHS to understanding specific needs and requirements and making sure the process works for everyone involved, it’s important to me to support the families who will be impacted, as well as those in need of the care itself.”

Richard’s professional background with 30 years in financial services, qualifications in long term care insurance and his affiliation with partners such as SOLLA (the Society of Later Life Advisers), affords him the expertise and connections to offer a real quality of support at a time when people need it most.

Jane Finnerty, joint chair at SOLLA, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Richard and RJ Advocacy as an affiliate member of SOLLA.

“It’s support services like Richard’s that can really make a difference to those in later life, and we’re pleased Richard will be working in partnership with SOLLA accredited advisers, supporting more people with finding the quality of care and advice they deserve.”

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