Spa Communications launches podcast studio and digital marketing suite

Kent-based PR, social media and content marketing agency Spa Communications has launched a brand-new, state-of-the-art podcast studio and digital marketing suite.

The new suite includes key features such as customisable lighting and branding, motorised cameras, multiple seating configurations and a full-scale production suite for bespoke digital content.

Located at its headquarters in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, the facility represents one of the most technically advanced studios in Kent and Sussex, and is poised to become a central hub for both new and existing clients in the UK and Europe, enabling customers to harness the power of new podcasting, creative and digital marketing services to reach and engage new audiences.

The introduction of an in-house podcast studio and digital marketing suite is a unique addition to the agency, which today specialises in integrated communications for B2B technology businesses, and whose clients include a diverse range of start-up, scale-up and Fortune 500 businesses.

Building on Spa Communications’ 21-year expertise in delivering integrated comms campaigns, the studio will provide customers with a powerful new medium for storytelling and thought leadership and the ability to deliver high-quality digital events including live streaming, webinars, and fireside chats seamlessly.

Local BBC Radio broadcaster and producer Casey Heyburn has also been appointed as the new multimedia production manager for Spa Communications, having played a key role in the consultation and design process of the digital marketing suite.

Casey will now work alongside the agency’s directors to spearhead its audio/visual services. He brings a wealth of experience to Spa Communications customers, having been twice nominated for the Music Week Awards as a radio producer and previously working with the BBC as a presenter, producer and new talent trainer.

Casey’s career at BBC Radio Kent also included a four-month period producing high-quality content for their social media channels, where he guided them to more than 2.5 million video views.

Casey said: “The new digital marketing suite highlights our dedication to providing best-in-class creative services and all-encompassing audio-visual content for a host of digital platforms.

“Our studio has been built to the highest technical standards and includes leading equipment alongside a full-scale production suite, customisable branding and robotic cameras, allowing clients to leverage the growing popularity of audio/visual content to enhance their marketing strategies and better reach their target audiences.”

Rory Flashman-Wells, director of Spa Communications, added: “Our new podcast studio and digital marketing suite represents a significant step forward in our continued ambitions to build one of the best-integrated communications agencies in the UK, and enables us to offer a more diverse range of creative services to B2B clients.

“After months of hard work, we’re delighted to launch the studio publicly, and to be working with Casey to provide our customers with a powerful new medium for storytelling.”

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