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What could possibly challenge us in 2024? Facing a general election is likely to distract from the work needed to improve the economy and deliver support for businesses, who generate jobs, taxes and contribute so much to their local communities.

There is a lot of support available for businesses, but it does not always reach their ears! Skills Bootcamps are being rolled out in Surrey and Hampshire as part of the government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, helping everyone gain skills for life. 

Skills Bootcamps empower individuals and employers to develop valuable, sector-specific skills. Based on local employer demand, the Skills Bootcamps on offer provide a direct path to employment upon completion, with a guaranteed job interview at the end of each course for unemployed individuals. 

All courses are flexible and include a minimum of 60 hours of learning across a maximum 16-week period, providing learners with several positive outcomes no matter their circumstances. We are delighted to share that the courses cover data analysis, digital marketing, green skills retrofit, heat pumps and electric vehicles.

During the past year, Surrey Chambers of Commerce has led on significant research with businesses and other key stakeholders to identify and outline the skills priorities for the area to help businesses prosper. 

We now celebrate with colleges as they secure government funding to respond to these employers’ skills needs addressing the priorities identified. Significant investment in new equipment, facilities and business engagement activity is being planned. 

As well as investment in sector-focussed projects within Createch, advanced manufacturing engineering and construction, there is also work going on to take advantage
of digital advancements. Investments in
this workstream will build on the successes of local digital clusters to capitalise on tech skills needed for a strong, low carbon, digital economy.

Finally, responding to feedback from employers citing gaps in employability and professional skills, all fundamental to onboarding new employees and supporting their onward and future development, new courses are being developed to plug these gaps.

Through our Future Skills Hub, we are also complementing these investments with new resources and events aimed at businesses and providers to help bring them closer together and solve skills gaps. Find out more at www.surrey-chambers.co.uk/future-skills-hub.

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