Prioritising Businesses

Skills remain a key focus of the Chamber as it is the people in our organisations who deliver the successes we are familiar with. We need them to be suitably trained and we need to be able to access the training and skills necessary.

We have now launched our Opportunities tab, allowing employers and training providers to more easily link up and work together to ensure the best-prepared workforce of the future.

Surrey County Council have announced the launch of a Careers Hub covering the whole of Surrey, ensuring standardisation in the provision available. The team has started work with the county’s secondary schools, special schools, and colleges with the aim of ensuring every young person can find their best next step.

We will be encouraging businesses to get involved by offering workplace encounters, supporting schools directly as an Enterprise Advisor or strategically guiding the work as a Cornerstone Employer. Businesses need a strong and agile workforce to thrive and grow, and the County Council, together with the Careers Hub, will support our businesses to secure the workforce of the future.

Keeping businesses up to date

We love making sure our members are well-informed about the many aspects of running a business. Our latest signpost could be a game changer. Looking after your workforce is key and Chamber members Crossroads Care Surrey have just launched their Employers Hub for Unpaid Caring, a new resource to help employers support carers in their workforce.

Regardless of the size of a business, research shows that by supporting unpaid carers and using a flexible working approach, you will have better staff retention, reduce recruitment and training costs and increase productivity.

Meanwhile in Westminster

The world of business representation has never been more important with the upcoming general election and the need to make sure whichever party is elected understands what is needed to support businesses.

The Chamber Network is stronger than ever, enabling us to have an effective voice in Westminster and a real influence on policy decisions. At the recent party conferences, we were front and centre representing business interests and will continue to challenge present and future governments to support the wealth generators of our society – the businesses.

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